Our hire department are approachable, helpful and quick to understand the job and its requirements. They will interpret and liaise with our other departments to ensure that the equipment is delivered to you complete, properly packaged, with up-to-date software and in a manner that upholds our reputation for always doing more than just hiring the equipment.

The department’s responsibility is wide-ranging and takes in all the things you haven’t thought of. Whether we’re supplying a single radio microphone for a day’s hire or prepping an entire system for a musical, every aspect is carefully checked by our staff who have all, at one time, worked in the diverse branches of live entertainment and know the importance of receiving well-prepared and reliable equipment. Equally, they delight in tracking down quirky equipment accessories or designing elegant rigging components that will make your life on-site a whole lot easier.

The more creative you are, the more inventive they become.

It’s not just performers who have understudies. Even our technical department has a backup.

Live performance is nerve-wracking. Even before the curtain rises it’s a highly structured flow that, from start to finish, cannot be interrupted. Performers’ concentration and audience engagement are hard to regain if a technical failure results in a paused experience.

Neither our theatre sound systems nor our heroic crew switch off, even for a second. Like the performers they’re supporting our teams work beautifully together. It is their duty to predict the consequences of any conceivable malfunctions and ensure that shows are equipped with an on-site Plan B. Any crucial element that relies on software has a backup and a technical team always on high alert. Part of this continual backup plan is a strong room full of identical replacements, some with more than one, that are available at a moments notice. All designers know that replacing with “something similar” just won’t cut it.

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