Our Signature Series of products has developed (and continues to develop) from our own long experience in theatre sound. Simply, each unit has come about because we either could not source the device we needed for a specific purpose, or those which were available didn’t meet our standards – hence, we designed and built our own, initially just for our use. As more and more sound operators encountered Signature Series devices on shows we’d designed and / or supplied, demand for them grew to the point where we started making them for sale.

These units are now industry standards and appear on pretty much every show we supply. Their simple usefulness and, more importantly, the peace of mind they bring in providing failsafe options for show-critical applications means that they now also appear in many projects and locations away from theatre, but where that level of failsafe is still required.

You can find an independent review of the range in the November 2022 issue of Light & Sound International magazine – click HERE for the digital edition and turn to page 70 or HERE for a .pdf of the review (reproduced by kind permission of L&SI). Our thanks to Editor Claire Beeson and technical reviewer Simon Allen.

The range today comprises the following units. Please contact us for prices and availability:

XDANTE-1 Network Audio Changeover

The XDANTE-1 Dante Network Audio Changeover System has been developed  by a team of Autograph engineers, led by Rob Tory, as a simple and efficient way to switch between dual-redundant Dante sources at the push of a single button. Like all Signature Series changeover devices it has been created in response to real-world demand and incorporates two switchers, each capable of switching between two 32-channel sources. These can be used independently, or combined to switch between two 64-channel sources.

In common with the other switching units in the range, the XDANTE-1 integrates seamlessly with Autograph’s XUSB-2 Mac / PC Switching System for complete control and peace of mind. The unit is housed in a 1U 19” rack-mount case, features dual-redundant internal power supplies as standard and whilst developed for theatre sound, is also ideal for any other application where uninterrupted Dante network connectivity is vital.

Product Details

Dual redundant power supplies

Seamless audio changeover

Remote connector for sync with XUSB-2

Easy front panel operation

Dual mode operation

Switch inputs and outputs together or separately

Flexible routing

Two 64 Input to 32 Output switch modules

128 Input to 64 Output capacity

Click HERE for the XDANTE-1 User Manual

XUSB-2 Computer Changeover

The Autograph Signature Series XUSB-2 is designed for the quick and efficient changeover of two computer systems operating in critical environments.  Conveniently packaged in a 1U rack mount design the XUSB-2 is compatible with both Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows computers.

Product Details

Dual Head VGA /USB KVM Switch

Dual Integrated USB Midi Interfaces

Dual redundant Logic units

Dual Redundant Power Supply

Four output MIDI Thru device

Remote switching

Pseudo Tracking

LCD Status Display

Click HERE for the XUSB-2 Datasheet and HERE for the XUSB-2 Manual

Click HERE for the XUSB-2 32bit Windows Drivers (x86) and HERE for the XUSB-2 64bit Windows Drivers (x64). No Drivers required for OSX operation.

XMAD-1 MADI Changeover System

The XMADI-1 (rev B) MADI Changeover System was developed as a simple and efficient way to switch between redundant backup MADI sources at the push of a button.  The unit consists of a 1U 19” rack-mount case that can accept four MADI streams which can be switched to two outputs each with a mirrored connector.  This allows the switched output to be sent to two different locations such as redundant mixing console engines.

Product Details

Two independent 2×1(+1) MADI changeover devices

Dual Redundant power supplies

Remote connector for sync with XUSB-2

48KHz 24bit operation up to 64 channels per MADI stream

96KHz 24bit operation up to 32 channels per MADI stream

Click HERE for the XMADI-1 User Manual

AES 160-D Dante to AES Converter

Dante to AES converter, (Dante in /  AES out, one way) equipped with two fully redundant PSUs, each with separate inputs. Fully configurable in Dante controller.

Product Details

16 Channel Dante to AES output converter.

Housed in a 1U unit with dual redundant internal power supplies as standard.

8 x XLR outputs for 16 Channels of AES

Primary and Secondary Dante connections

44.1 / 48 / 88.2 / 96K Sample Rates

All settings are configured via Dante Controller

Manual will be uploaded here ASAP

XRC Remote Controllers

The XRC Remote controllers are high quality push button remote boxes designed to integrate with the Signature Series range of changeover products.

The XRC is available in three models:

XRC-4A (pictured) is a four button control box designed for cue list control.

XRC-2A is a two button control box designed for Go/Stop control.

XRC-1A is a single button control box designed for changeover function.

All three models can be linked using standard cat5 RJ45 connections to allow remote changeover and control of the XUSB-2 PC changeover solution.  Controllers are supplied with adapter cables from RJ45 to the changeover product.

Product Details

High Quality noiseless switches

Illuminated LED buttons for operation in dark environments

Loop through RJ45 connection

Connect with standard cat5 cable

Locking RJ45 connector

Click HERE for the XRC-Series pin out diagram

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