LAMDA Updates Wireless Inventory With Autograph and Shure


April 2nd 2024, London

The London Academy Of Music & Dramatic Art (LAMDA) has recently made a significant investment in the very latest digital wireless microphone systems, introducing the next generation of theatre audio technicians and designers to world-class audio equipment.

Supplied by Autograph Sound with assistance from Shure UK, the new inventory includes 20 channels of Shure’s flagship Axient Digital wireless, featuring ADX1M transmitters, AD4QNP quad receivers, an antenna distribution system, active directional antennae plus battery charging modules and stations. 

Autograph’s recommendation of Axient Digital is based largely on their extensive use of the systems in their own hire department, whose inventory includes well over 600 channels in daily use throughout the West End, nationally and on tour. That real world experience of Shure’s class-leading technology gives the company an unrivalled repository of knowledge and expertise when recommending, supplying and commissioning Axient Digital systems.

Will Cottrell was Autograph’s lead for this project and he adds, “The system we configured for LAMDA will be used on the many in-house shows they produce during the year. They have formerly rented in on these occasions but realised the cumulative costs over a period would pay for their own equipment – they will use various configurations of the Axient Digital according to the needs of the show and that experience will give their students a head start when entering into the working world, being familiar with kit which is used in professional environments.”

“LAMDA had looked at various options from a number of manufacturers but with some assistance from our friends at Shure UK we were able to deliver a range of options and ultimately to hit their budget requirement. The system is also modular so can easily be expanded at a later date if requirements and budget allow.”

Will concludes, “Autograph traditionally have close links with most performing arts schools in the UK and the ability to support and help develop the next generation of technical talent is very close to our hearts. That being so we were very pleased to also run a full day’s training for a group of LAMDA students to give them the best possible head start.” 

Shure’s UK Sales Manager Peppe Mallozzi added, “At Shure we understand the importance of supporting students in the early stages of their careers and Autograph understand that too. Students at LAMDA today are the sound designers and technicians of tomorrow and within the industry they will find Axient Digital, so it was a natural choice for the school to invest in the portfolio”. 

Chris Drohan, LAMDA’s Lead Practitioner (Technical) Sound comments, “With the introduction of LAMDA’s new Musical Theatre MA Course, it was a great time to invest in a radio mic system for the future. Having explored a number of options, we were impressed with the Axient Digital System that Shure offer, for its reliability, sound quality and user-friendly nature in a student environment. The support from both Autograph and Shure through the planning process has been excellent and the system we have ended up with has already proven its worth on our public performances.”


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About LAMDA:

LAMDA – the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art – is a world-class conservatoire offering exceptional vocational training through full-time and short courses, as well as an examinations provider offering qualifications in communication and performance. It offers an innovative and inspiring environment in which students can gain the professional skills required to forge a successful career in acting, directing, musical theatre, and production and technical arts. Notable alumni include actors Benedict Cumberbatch, Leah Harvey and Brian Cox, directors Rebecca Frecknall, Tinuke Craig and Polly Findlay, and technical practitioners Natasha Chivers and Tingying Dong.

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